Capture the moment in time spending it with your child to create these precious memorabilia keepsake. Celebrating your cherished bond together forever when looking back at this handprint wall hanging each time you walk by.
As a mother, I am very sentimental about my children. I want to hold on to all the precious memories we have. These prints capture a time in their life that they will never get back. I love knowing that one day my grown child will hold on to these prints, run their hand over it and say, "Grandma had these handprints made of me when I was just a baby" as she cuddles with her own child.

How I begin
I have worked hard to create the perfect mold to capture and create all the detail in the child's hand and footprint. Once your have placed an order, a mold will be sent out 1 to 2 days after. Easy instructions are sent to make the perfect print. When finishing this process, you will then ship the mold back with your order form naming your choice of shape, color and writing style. Once I receive the handprints, I transfer it to ceramic in a way that allows it to keep its detail. After the initial kiln bisque firing, glaze of your choice is painted and the plaque is kiln fired again. The process in whole takes approximately 2 months. Much time is due to transferring, etching, detailing,drying, cleaning, kiln firing twice, glaze painting and finishing with writing baby information on back, adding ribbon and securely packaging up to be sent out.


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There are few things sweeter than kissing tiny fingers and tiny toes, and as a mother myself I know how quickly those little hands and feet grow. The Baby Handprint Co ceramic handprint and footprint mold will be sent out to you to create impressions and baby's first Christmas ornament.

Preserving your baby's hand and footprints is a wonderful way to make time stand still. It is amazing to see the change in size of a baby's hand or foot as they grow. It will be wonderful memory keepsake to look back upon for many generation's to come. Ceramic pottery hand and footprints make wonderful gifts for Child, New Parents, Grandparents and friends. The Baby Handprint Co. can create Baby's First Christmas ornament for you.

The Baby Handprint Company is a passion for the love of family and the cherished bond we have with our children. I have combined my two passions in life, Children and Art.

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The Baby Handprint Co.

For all our past customers of Clayful Impressions, we have changed our name to The Baby Handprint Co.  Above is my etsy button to purchase.

​​​The Baby Handprint Co Ceramic Handprint and Footprint Baby Mold kit will be sent out for you to start creating impressions